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Thursday, February 12, 2009


I commented last right after the election and have kept my thoughts to my self regarding our new president. No longer! 23 days since he was sworn in (even that was botched?)and I am about to explode if I do not let some steam off.

Can you believe this spending package the administration is ramming through congress? Every day the news reports tell us how bad the economy is getting. Every day they tell us more and more about what this spending bill has in it.

Guess what? Many people are frightened about what might happen if the market gets worse or if the auto industry fails or if the banking industry fails or if more people lose their jobs. The stock market is afraid of what the spending bill has in it and falls further even faster.

So the fix is in to destroy the free market economy America was built upon. Government will regulate every industry and business which it bails out and props up. Cap what the CEO's are allowed to make and the next step will be to cap what any business owner can make. Pass that thought on down the line until it reaches either you or your children.

They say the money (taxes) will come from the BIG corporations and the RICH people.
Wait, are these the same people who hire us common people to do the work? Will the BIG corporations and RICH people still have money to pay you and me? OH, I forgot, I am one of the RICH people. I have a job and WORK for a living, so I have to pay for the poor people who have not worked for several generations and the illegals who work, but are "off the books" and thus qualify for assistance.

Some call this spending bill the New New Deal. I remember the WPA and the CCC. Sure the WPA (we called them "we poke along" and some of the methods they developed for leaning on shovel handles are still practiced today) built roads, bridges, and dams. Sure the CCC planted trees and built state and national parks. They were both still functioning (I could not bring myself to say working) when Japan bombed Pearl Harbor and real jobs in real industry opened up. I wonder who we should credit for ending the depression, Tojo or FDR?

Folks it was WWII that got us out of the depression, not government created jobs.
Not the government paying farmers to NOT grow crops which caused us to have to import instead of export food and fiber.

This spending plan which is coming just 23 days into the Obama administration will worsen the recession and eventually bring about another depression.

It looks like it is going to happen, so as a common little man I suppose I should say, "Go ahead and bring it on so we can begin to get it over with."

By the way, I didn't watch the town hall meetings he held this week. Did anyone hear a single intelligent question asked of the president. I only heard what the news reported and they were all gemme gemme questions. I understand that one of the questions came from a mother with a grown son. Neither of them has worked in 7 years
and they want the government to provide them their own place to cook and go to the bathroom.

Whew! Now I have to decide do I feel better for having let off steam or not? Right now I think not> Maybe next time I can be more positive. I really hope so. Maybe someone else can tell me something good about the current state of affairs in DC.



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