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I opened this blog to be able to comment on blogs which may limit comments to bloggers only. Since that time I have decided to commnet on what is happening in my world too.

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Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Change is good?

Change is coming.
Change is a fact of life.
Change can sometimes be good for us.
Change can sometimes be bad for us.
Change can be good for one person and bad for another.
You can fight change or work for change, but change keeps coming.

I am facing change in what I do at work. I have made many changes since I took an "early retirement" over 20 years ago, so change is nothing new for me. The changes I have made have kept me young in my mind if not in my body. Some of those changes were successful and some were failures, but I kept trying new changes.

This coming change will be both a challenge and rewarding. I will provide a service to our company and our customers by making the change successful. I am looking forward to the change. This change, while good for the company and for me, may be bad for the person I will be replacing. I would like to think it will be turn out to be good for them too in that they will find a better position for their talents.

Change is coming. Will you choose to fight change or make the best of change?

Charlie Mac



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