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I opened this blog to be able to comment on blogs which may limit comments to bloggers only. Since that time I have decided to commnet on what is happening in my world too.

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Friday, October 03, 2008

Starting Over Again

I have been reading other's blogs and neglecting this one. It is time to begin anew.

I have made a number of changes since my last post.

I quit my job and began looking for another in this downward spiraling economy. Smart? I think so.

I rejected one job offer.

I did not get one job which I thought I really wanted. It was the only job I ever had a personal interview for and did not get, if I remember correctly.

I am working again at a job for a company where I have worked during the Thanksgiving/Christmas season in the past. this year I may be doing something completely different. Actually It may take so much of my time and energy that I will not be able to live up to my vow to begin blogging anew.

I have met a number of new and really neat people in the last few months. I am so blessed by the other people in my life. I would list them, but I might leave someone out. Let's just say I seem to meet someone just at the right time.

It is nice and maybe even necessary to have friends you have known for a long time. But it is often the new people you come across who grow your life. Like I said, I am so blessed.

Tomorrow, Oct 4, Mary and I will be doing a free spinning demonstration for Wellslee's All Strung Out yarn shop. I am really expecting to meet still another really neat individual or two. Maybe even strengthen the bond with some I just met recently.

Life is good, if we can focus on making today one to remember.
Part of the Lord's prayer (Matthew 6) is, God, give me my daily blessing.

Will my blessing be you?

Charlie Mac



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