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I opened this blog to be able to comment on blogs which may limit comments to bloggers only. Since that time I have decided to commnet on what is happening in my world too.

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Monday, October 06, 2008

New Week, New Day

Today, Monday October 6, 2008. This is a Why day.

Why do some people dislike Mondays?

Mondays are great days of the week. The beginning of the work week for most of us. I believe that the beginning of most things are great. Today we can begin to make this week better than our past weeks have been. We have had a day or two of rest, at least we were designed to have at least one day of rest and worship out of seven, so we can approach this week with renewed strength and determination.

Think "life"! Do not let the Monday morning blue people get you down. Go and do everything you can possibly do to make this a great day!

Happy you stopped by.

Charlie Mac



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