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Friday, February 27, 2009

Who Will Miss You

I read an article recently about a church that did a survey. No big news there, many churches survey their members and community. This particular survey had an interesting question. They asked who and what people would miss most about the church if they were to cease to exist. The results caused the church staff and members to rethink who they were and what they were doing in the community.

It seems that most people in the community did not know what the church was doing in the community. Many did not know anyone who was a member of the church. Some did not even know the church existed. Those results should wake up any Christian in any church. Naturally I wondered what the answer to those questions would be if the church I am a part of were to survey our community.

But what I have really been wondering since I read the article has been, outside my immediate family, would anyone really miss Mac McFatter? What am I doing to make a difference in my small circle of influence? Will my questioning my purpose and actions really make a difference in tomorrow? Or even in today? Maybe these would be good questions to ask ourselves before we get dressed every day.

I know one other living being besides myself who would miss my wife Mary, her Chihuahua, Bear. The floor is Mary's bathroom was wet from a fresh mopping. She had to use "the boy's bathroom". Bear is fenced out of that section of the house. Bear suddenly sensed Mary was not close by. He went to living room and intently looked in her chair and on the couch where she lays when fibromyalgia takes her down. He then went to Mary's computer, back to her bedroom and bathroom and back to the living room.

He retraced his steps and looked puzzled. He even went to the pet door and sniffed all around the edge to see if she had some how squeezed through his door. I suppose he knew she had not left the house through normal means because he had not heard the door open or close. He then went to his bed close behind Mary's chair and lay down.
I sure would like to know what he was thinking.

Would Bear miss Mary more than Mary would miss Bear, I do not know, I only know they make a difference in each others lives. Who would you miss? Who would miss you? Why?



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