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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Teddy Kennedy and Mary Jo Kopechne

All the news outlets are reporting the death of a great statesman, Senator Ted Kennedy.

Really? Great at what? Drinking? Driving? Womanizing? Religion? Politics?

Your answer depends on whether you believe the founding fathers wrote a great document with great fore sight when they wrote the constitution. Kennedy certainly did everything he could to bend, break and re-make the law as set forth in the constitution and your freedom from governmental interference in your life.

America and the world found out in July of 1969, just what sort of a man Ted Kennedy was at his very core. We do not know everything that happened on the night of July 18, 1969. We do know that Kennedy was driving his car on a lonely stretch of road late at night. He missed a small wooden bridge. His Oldsmobile went into the water and was found upside down the next morning. Inside was the body of Mary Jo Kopechne, a 29 year old campaign worker.

Kennedy claimed he tried to dive down and rescue her. Kennedy claimed at sometime he became disoriented and went for help. He claims he reported the accident to several aides that night. He did not report the accident to authorities until after the car with the body was discovered the next morning. Kennedy claimed he was not drunk that night and was in fact sober the next morning according to authorities.

Later after the news of the incident had settled down, Kennedy plead guilty to leaving the scene of an accident with "injuries". He was 'given' the punishment of two months probation. Damn good thing he did not kill anyone else during that 2 months, or he might have had to serve the whole remaining time in jail!

I know people can repent and change. I know when they do that Christians should forgive and forget. Kennedy was a Catholic, yet he supported abortion in every way he could. Thus in my book he continued right up to his death to have a hand in killing the innocent.

Thank God that the Chappaquiddick incident kept him from becoming even more powerful as president.



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